Postal Unions Say Trump Is Sabotaging The Mail In Battleground States

Postal union leaders say that Postmaster DeJoy’s changes haven’t materialized and Trump is slowing down the mail in battleground states.

ABC News reported:

Postal union leaders in five battleground states told ABC News that they have seen few concrete steps to reverse or halt a set of cost-cutting measures that have slowed mail service, despite assurances last week from Postmaster General Louis DeJoy that he would “suspend” those initiatives until after the general election.


Nick Casselli, the president of the Philadelphia postal union, said overtime pay has not come back fully, post offices are still operating with slashed hours, and trucks are still being instructed not to stay and wait for all of the mail to be loaded on in an effort to keep to a stricter schedule, instead of staying later.

“Nothing has changed,” he said, echoing concerns from postal union leaders in major cities in Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina and Colorado.

In other words, DeJoy lied. His press release was a lie. His testimony to both the House and Senate was a lie. Trump’s gameplan is obvious. He is trying to slow down the mail in five swing states. Four that he won in 2016. The flaw in Trump’s plan is that states like Michigan and Pennsylvania are using ballot dropboxes along with mail to receive ballots.

The other problem that is having with this scheme is that some states are already changing the deadline when ballots have to be received to be counted.

Believe what the Trump administration does, not what they say.

DeJoy’s promises are meaningless, as he is still slowing down the mail to help Trump in the election.

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