Unmasked “Macho Man” Trump Supporter Threatens Reporter At Rally

A reporter was minding his own business when an unmasked Trump got in his face and started threatening him in New Hampshire.

It was all captured on video:

The man approached and said, “I can stand right here. Don’t tell me to get lost. Did you guys film what happened to Rand Paul last night? How would you like that to happen to you? We’re Americans too. Our lives matter, don’t we even though we’re white? You can act like you got someone to text, but you’re really just a p–sy.”

The man left and came back again, “How do sleep at night when you lie to people? How do you sleep at night when you’re a f—ing liar?…..You’re going to pay. Have you heard about the law of reciprocity? What comes around goes around. You MFers are going to pay. Someone’s going to bomb you. It might even be tonight.”

None of this is unusual for people who are trying to cover the news. Macho Man by the Villiage People was playing in the background as a Trump supporter who was ginned up on Trump venom and Fox News propaganda threatened a member of the free press.

The roots of the Republican resentment go back decades to that conservative myth of liberal media bias, even though the mainstream media is run by large conservative corporations.

All of the elements of Trumpism were in this clip. The white man’s fear that he is losing power. The zero-sum view that there is no room for anyone else at the table, and the paranoid persecution complex. Trump should lose this election easily, but there are a lot of resentful white men, who are going to vote for Donald Trump.

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