Trump Has A Saturday Twitter Meltdown Over Mary Trump’s Book

Trump threw a fit on Saturday and had a meltdown over the books that are being written about him, specifically Mary Trump’s book.

Trump tweeted:

What appears to have set Trump off is that Mary Trump has been releasing audio recordings of Trump’s sister Maryanne Trump Barry that are revealing the Trump family secrets and breaking down the mythology has spent his entire adult life creating about himself.

Trump is trying to paint his niece as unstable and kicked out of the family when the reality is that a number of books from people close to the Trumps are coming out revealing that the Trump act is and always was a fraud.

Trump’s real personality is being revealed by people who know him best and are related to him less than two months before a critical presidential election.

The truth is finally being revealed, and Donald Trump can’t put the skeletons back in his closet.

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