Trump Gets Virtually No Bounce From The Republican Convention

The first post-Republican convention poll is out, and it shows Trump still trailing Joe Biden by six points with Biden at 50%.

The Morning Consult Poll found:

Nate Cohn pointed out that Biden leading by six is not a great number for Trump:

Nate Silver agreed and said that Biden was up by 8 before the conventions, so Trump’s “bounce” is really 2 points:

After the Republican convention in 2016, Trump led Hillary Clinton by four points in the polls, so the change over the last four years is a ten-point drop for Trump. The President’s “bounce” is also within the poll’s margin of error, so it is entirely possible that time and other polling will reveal no bounce at all.
After nearly a full term in office with not a single day over 50% approval in an objective poll, the cake is already baked for Trump. Forty-four percent support is his high end, and his floor is in the low thirties.

Trump’s polling numbers have been relatively static, and the Republican convention appears to have done nothing substantive to move the needle in Trump’s direction.

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