Chad Wolf Says Trump Might Illegally Send Federal Law Enforcement To Portland

Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf suggested that Donald Trump might illegally send federal law enforcement to Portland.

Transcript via ABC’s This Week:

KARL: So, I saw the president was up and tweeting about this before 6:00 a.m. It’s clearly front and center on his mind.

Is he planning on doing something? Is there a consideration of sending in more federal law enforcement, even in the defiance of local leaders?

WOLF: I believe all options continue to be on the table, specifically as we talk about Portland.

What we have seen in Wisconsin, Minnesota and other places is those governors stepping up, calling in the National Guard, the state National Guard in many instances. Obviously, Wisconsin, we’re sending in Department of Justice law enforcement officers as well.

So, when we talk about Portland, again, they continue to refuse federal — any type of federal assistance to bring that violent activity going on for almost 90 days now — a little over 90 days to a close.

The citizens of Portland want this. We need to bring some normalcy back to Portland, and again, if the state and local officials won’t do it, they need to ask for assistance from the Federal Government.


The plan appears to be for Trump to encourage more violence in American cities and then blame local and state leaders for the violence, while he proclaims himself to be a “law and order” president. Trump is promoting the spread of violence because he believes that it is good for his reelection campaign. Trump doesn’t care about the damage that he is doing to the country.

Acting Sec. Wolf’s comments suggest that Trump is willing to illegally send federal law enforcement into Portland so that he can claim to have brought back “law and order to Portland” before voters go to the polls.

Trump’s latest con to win reelection is getting people killed, and nobody in his administration has the guts to stand up to him.

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