Ron Johnson Refuses To Condemn Trump For Agitating Violence In Portland

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) would not condemn Trump for his urging his supporters to go to Portland and carry out acts of violence.

Dana Bash asked Johnson on CNN’s State Of The Union, “You say everybody should be calm, which sounds logical. Look at what we’re seeing one thing on the president’s Twitter feed this morning, he seems to be encouraging his supporters to go into Portland which is resulting in some of this violence. Is that what you want to be seeing from the president, sir?”

Johnson dismissed Trump’s enflaming violence, “There are people agitating all over the place.”

Bash correctly replied, “He’s the president of the United States.”

Johnson tried to switch the topic to praising Trump, “Kenosha, Kenosha can be a model. What happened in Kenosha is congressman style got into the city really quick, found out the law enforcement were looking for help, he called up the president, the president responded immediately and said what can I do to help? He offered to bring in some out of state — ”


Sen. Johnson is laundering Russian propaganda through the Senate in an effort to smear Joe Biden, so it is not a surprise that he would have nothing to say about Trump attempting to stir up more violence in Portland.

Trump has gone all-in on the law and order distraction, and Republicans in the Senate and House continue to enable him. Ron Johnson is so scared of Donald Trump that he won’t say anything negative about the President trying to get his supporters to attack innocent people America’s streets.

Johnson’s behavior is why Republicans must be removed from the Senate majority in November.