GOP Convention Backfires As Trump Approval Drops With Republicans

A new poll reveals that Donald Trump’s GOP convention hurt his approval rating among Republican voters.

ABC News reported on the new ABC News/IPSOS Poll:

Less than one-third (31%) of the country has a favorable view of the president in the days after he accepted the Republican nomination for the second time — a stagnant reality for Trump. His favorability rating stood at 32% in the last poll, taken a week earlier, right after the Democratic National Convention.


Among Democrats, too, Biden’s favorability climbed seven points after his convention — showing signs that he’s solidified support among his base. But Trump’s favorability dipped slightly — by four points among Republicans in the newest survey.

Trump’s overall favorability is at 31% with 59% holding an unfavorable view of the president. Joe Biden has a net positive approval rating of 46%-40%.

It takes a lot for a candidate to hold a political convention and lose support with members of his own party, Biden gained support during his convention and his number have stayed up. Trump is the rare candidate whose numbers tend to go down the more he is in the media.

Trump would have been better off not holding a convention and going golfing, as the convention actually cost him favorability.

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