Adam Schiff calls out Trump and Putin's election rigging plot

Adam Schiff Calls Out Trump And Putin’s Effort To Hide Election Rigging

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 12:10 pm

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff said that Trump is trying to cover-up Russia’s efforts to pick the next president.

Schiff said on CNN:

That’s the biggest issue, Jim, is how will it affect the American people. I think the answer is if they’re allowed to do this, basically shut off the flow of information, the American people are not going to find out the full extent of efforts made to choose their president for them by foreign powers and particularly by Russia. So it has a real impact. You know, if the American people are brought into the confidence of the intelligence community and are told, okay, this is what Russia is doing, this is how they’re trying to influence you, it really weakens the power of foreign nations to meddle in our affairs.

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But that’s something the president is willing to accede to. He wants the help. He’s made that clear over the years. He wants whatever help he can get. He doesn’t believe that he can beat Joe Biden in a fair election. And he doesn’t want the American people to learn what Russia is doing on his behalf. The reliance on written information is wholly insufficient. We’ve seen the problem with that before where documents can be wordsmithed, they can technically accurate but be completely misleading of the and without the ability to question intelligence officials and without the ability to sometimes put them under oath and make sure we get the full answers, we can’t be confident that either congress or the American people are going to find out what foreign nations are doing to influence their vote.


Chairman Schiff was right. The Russian election interference loses its power when it is exposed as an illegal foreign effort to steal an election from the American people and hand it to Donald Trump. Trump is engaging in a cover-up by denying Congress election security briefings.

The goal is to keep the American people in the dark because if they see the Russian interference for what it is, they will reject Donald Trump.

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