Trump Says he Spoke to Jacob Blake’s Family Pastor. Blake’s Father Says They Don’t Have a Pastor

When President’s speak to American families that are grieving, it is important that they show empathy. This has been a regularly difficult thing for Donald Trump to do.

Earlier today, Kayleigh McEnany said that the President has unsuccessfully reached out to Jacob Blake’s family. When asked about Blake during a Monday press conference, Trump said that he had spoken with the family’s pastor.

The President said during the presser, “They wanted to have lawyers involved and I thought that was inappropriate so I didn’t do that. But I did speak with the pastor of the family.”

Jacob Blake’s father was asked about Trump’s comments while appearing on CNN. We don’t have a family pastor,” he replied. “I don’t know who he talked to.”


McEnany said during a Monday morning Fox News interview, “We are efforting outreach, have not been able to connect yet.”

The lawyer for Jacob Blake, Benjamin Crump, said that the White House‘s claim was simply untrue. He told MSNBC, “My office has received no calls to set up any kind of meeting.”

Blake’s father has been in touch with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. He said of the Biden call:

Biden kept telling me his own issues with his family, that he identifies with what I’m going through. I didn’t have to keep telling him. He knew. It felt like he knew. It felt like they knew what was going on. And they didn’t act like they were in a hurry to go anywhere. They spent time with us. And the tears that came from [Jacob Blake’s] mother in this talk with the Bidens, that was important.”