Speculation Runs Rampant On Social Media That Trump Had A Stroke

After it was reported that Trump secretly went to Walter Reed for a medical procedure, speculation is swirling that he had a stroke.

Please note, that none of these people are medical professionals who have examined Trump. The tweets below are all speculation:

Flimmaker Don Winslow said he has been told that Trump suffered a series of mini-strokes:

Here is Trump not being able to say suburbs in an interview that aired Wednesday night:

Donald Trump has struggled in recent months with speech, walking, and even drinking a glass of water. Trump nearly fell down trying to walk up a few steps to get on stage in New Hampshire last weekend. After the report that Trump’s secret visit to Walter Reed in November 2019 was for a procedure where he had to be put under, Trump may or may not have had a stroke, but one thing is certain.

The President is not well, and the White House is hiding his condition from the American people.

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