Trump’s Scare The Suburbs Tactic Backfires And Pushes Voters To Biden

A new poll found that Trump’s efforts to scare the suburbs into voting for him have resulted in a 52%-40% lead for Joe Biden.

According to the new USC Dornsife Daybreak Poll as reported by The Los Angeles Times:

In 2016, Trump and Clinton battled roughly to a draw in the suburbs. He had a large edge among white suburban men, which offset her lead among suburban voters of color; white women were closely divided.

This time around, white suburban men are more closely divided, Biden has kept the large Democratic lead among suburban voters of color, and he also leads among white, suburban women, the poll finds.

The result: a significant Biden lead among suburban voters: 53% to 40%.

Nine percent of the voters who supported Trump in 2016 say that they will vote for Joe Biden in 2020. Trump has also lost ten points with rural women.

The corporate media was growing concerned that Trump could be getting blown out, and a lopsided election means less interest and ad revenue, so the DC chattering class invented a Trump bump based on his law and order rhetoric.

The data suggests that Trump’s efforts to scare the suburbs into his arms aren’t working in 2020. Trump’s outdated racist rhetoric is largely falling on deaf ears in the suburbs, as this president is bleeding core support while replacing lost votes with nothing.

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