Trump “Jokingly” Tried To Pimp Out Sarah Sanders To Kim Jong-Un

After Kim Jong-un winked at Sarah Sanders, Trump and former chief of staff John Kelly sexistly joked that she would have to go to N. Korea and sleep with him.

The Guardian reported:

We made direct eye contact and Kim nodded and appeared to wink at me. I was stunned. I quickly looked down and continued taking notes.

“… All I could think was, ‘What just happened? Surely Kim Jong-un did not just mark me!?’”

Later, in the presidential “Beast” limousine on the way to the airport, Sanders relayed the incident to Trump and his then chief of staff, John Kelly.

“Kim Jong-un hit on you!” Trump said. “He did! He fucking hit on you!”

Sanders, a devout Christian who discusses her faith throughout her book, does not spell out the presidential expletive. But she does write that she told Trump that was not what she meant, and said: “Sir, please stop.”

Kelly backed up the president and Trump joked: “Well, Sarah, that settles it. You’re going to North Korea and taking one for the team! Your husband and kids will miss you, but you’ll be a hero to your country!”

Sarah Sanders’s book is not an explosive tell all. She has written the sort of fawning syrupy account that one would expect from a devoted Trump follower who has her eyes on running for governor of Arkansas.

However, the sexism that Sanders describes is the last thing that Trump and his reelection campaign need. Trump is already trailing badly with women. He has seen his support even among rural women dip by ten points. These kinds of stories paint a picture of a Trump White House culture of sexism that is straight out of the 1950s, and give voters even more reason to replace his out of step dinosaur culture with a modern Biden/Harris administration.

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