Trump’s Fear Campaign Is Failing As Biden Leads In Arizona, Wisconsin And North Carolina

A new batch of polling from Fox News shows that Donald Trump’s campaign of fear and division is failing to break through with likely voters in key swing states.

In Arizona, Wisconsin and North Carolina, Joe Biden doesn’t just have leads over Trump, but he earns near-50 percent support in each of the three states.

The full breakdown:

Biden’s nine-point lead in historically red Arizona is the most eye-popping of the three results, but it aligns with a Morning Consult poll released this week showing the former vice president with a 52 to 42 lead in the state.

Morning Consult also found Biden ahead by 9 points in Wisconsin and 2 points in North Carolina, not far off from the margins in the Fox News survey released on Wednesday.

What’s driving Biden’s support, according to Fox, is women and suburban voters. In fact, the poll found that suburban women trust Biden over Trump to handle both the coronavirus and policing/criminal justice.

In other words, Trump’s effort to scare white suburban voters – particularly women – into voting for him appears to be failing.

Voting kicks off in key states this month

While the general election is just over 60 days away, voters can start to mail in their absentee ballots this week in North Carolina and the middle of September in Wisconsin.

Trailing in these must-win states is not where an incumbent president wants to be as voters begin to cast their ballots.

Despite all the huffing and puffing about a tightening race, this remains one of the most stable election cycles in political history. The conventions didn’t change the dynamics of this contest and neither did Trump’s scare tactics.

It turns out the American people don’t want a president who incites violence and stokes fear in a desperate attempt to win an election.

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