Former Republican Governor Rick Snyder: Trump Is a “Bully” Who “Lacks a Moral Compass”

A former Republican governor of Michigan has accused Donald Trump of trying to intimidate others and not having a grasp of policy issues as he endorses Joe Biden.

Rick Snyder backed Biden in an op-ed published Thursday in USA Today. He wrote that he would continue to support Republican candidates down ballot but he couldn’t back the President.

“President Trump’s answer to people who oppose or disagree with them is to be verbally abusive. In other words, he is a bully,” Snyder wrote.

A great leader treats people with respect even when they present different opinions. Without a variety of views and opinions, we would have no innovation or creativity in our nation.”

“Being a bully and being strong are not the same thing. Being strong is standing up for your convictions. Being a bully is trying to intimidate those who are perceived to be weaker or a threat,” he went on.

In addition, President Trump lacks a moral compass. He ignores the truth.”

Snyder highlighted Trump’s denial of facts and science.

President Trump also has demonstrated that he does not fully appreciate public policy matters, including public health, the economy and foreign relations, nor does he seem to want to learn,” he wrote.

Snyder joins nearly 100 Republicans formally endorsing former Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday.

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