Trump Melts Down And Accuses Fox News Of Voter Suppression

Trump claimed that Fox News is trying to suppress the Republican vote with a series of polls showing him losing to Joe Biden.

Trump tweeted:

Trump is falling apart a new series of swing state polls from Fox News that show Trump losing across the board. No matter how one feels about Fox News’s programming, their polling arm is bipartisan and highly respected. Trump called the polls fake, but he couldn’t offer any data to back up his claim, just his opinion that he thinks he is going to win big.

The polling across the board is making it obvious that Trump’s pivot to “law and order” isn’t working. Voters aren’t buying Trump as someone who can keep them safe.

The clear consensus from polling across the board is that Democrats have the momentum, and Biden is leading. By this point in 2016, polls started to show Trump with momentum. The opposite appears to be happening in 2020. The margins will change. The election will get closer.

Trump wanted propaganda from Fox News. Instead, he got the cold hard reality that he could be on his way to being a one-term president.

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