Fox News Loses It Over Joe Biden’s Masterful Press Conference

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 12:10 pm

Fox News is not taking it well that Joe Biden gave a speech and then held a press conference masterfully.

Chris Stirewalt complained, “That was shamelessly embarrassing. There were maybe two questions in there that could have been considered adversarial, but that was as bad as when Trump calls on some niche pro-Trump publication to ask how magnificent his magnificence. That was as sustained from reporter after reporter asking Joe Biden for more dumping on Donald Trump. Reporter starts out dumping on Donald Trump, and go ahead, dump on him now.”


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Fox News was reduced to complaining about the reporters because Joe Biden hit a home run in his press conference. The lie that the Trump campaign has been pushing is that Joe Biden is hiding in his house and not answering questions. Biden answered questions on Friday and was better at it than Trump has ever been.

The reporters were not dumping on Trump. They were asking for Biden’s reaction to Trump insulting the troops. It is the biggest story of the day, and to talk about anything else would be journalistic malpractice.

Fox News can’t handle the fact that Joe Biden smashed their fantasy candidate that Trump was hoping to run against. Even Fox understands that Donald Trump is in big trouble.

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