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Jim Carrey Brands Trump a “Bourgeois New York Con Artist” in Scathing Op-Ed

Jim Carrey has slammed Donald Trump in a new op-ed where he calls on Americans to vote for “decency” in November’s elections and brands the President a con man.

The comedian and actor made his argument against Trump in an article for The Atlantic. He drew on his own experience of comedy to point out that the current situation is anything but funny.

Untold American lives have been ruined by the presidency of Donald Trump. The rule of law is imperiled, our unity has been shattered, the service sector has been obliterated, and major cities are suffering,” Carrey wrote.

“Black Americans, who have endured half a millennium of wickedness and brutality, now face more injustice and death.”

Carrey highlighted the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and the President’s mishandling of the situation by holding potential “super spreader” campaign events, including his acceptance speech at the White House.

“Watching Trump accept the nomination of the Republican Party in the people’s house during a pandemic he exacerbated was like watching Michael Corleone swear a sacred oath while his underlings settled scores across the city,” Carrey wrote.

But as far as I know, plagues don’t care about reelection campaigns. They don’t wither in the face of the Secret Service or succumb to the intimidation of goon squads. And they don’t respect the families of gluttonous aspiring monarchs,” he went on.

How did a bourgeois New York con artist convince so many people he was on their side? Was it the trucker’s hat? I’m wearing sandals right now, but that doesn’t make me Gandhi,” Carrey wrote.

He went on to discuss the “cruelty” of the modern Republican Party and urged people to “vote for decency, humanity, and a way of life that once again captures the imagination of kids all over the world.”

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