Retired General Responds to Trump Mocking Soldiers: “You’re No Patriot”

A retired general has gone viral with a video harshly criticizing Donald Trump for mocking U.S. troops. Several news outlets have confirmed the President calling dead soldiers “losers.”

Major General Paul Eaton posted a video on Twitter addressing an article published in The Atlantic on Thursday. The video has already garnered more than 2 million views.

“I’m pretty unhappy with you, Mr. Trump. So I’m going to keep this short for your famous short attention span,” Eaton said in the video.

Watch the video:

You have shown disrespect to the military on countless occasions. I am stunned that anybody in the United States military would consider you anything but a ‘loser’ or a ‘sucker.’

“You’re no patriot,” he said.

Eaton’s father, a fighter pilot, was killed in Vietnam in 1969. The retired general took out the dog tags found at the crash site.

Our Army, our Navy, our Marine Corps, our Air Force, our Coast Guard. Brave men and women. They’re not just brave. They’re smart and wise,” Eaton said.

So, Mr. Trump, come Nov. 3, we’re all voting for a real patriot — Joe Biden. And everybody who hears this, please take notice and please vote.”

“Vote Democratic. Our country’s honor depends on it,” he said.

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