Trump Sounds Half Dead After Biden Sparkles At Press Conference

Trump responded to Joe Biden’s strong press conference with an event of his own where he contradicted himself and made little sense.

Here is Trump claiming that he has been the toughest on Russia, but gets along great with Putin:

Trump started campaigning against Hillary Clinton:

Trump sounded just as unenergetic and lifeless as he did in his Republican nomination acceptance speech:

Compare Trump’s performance with the strength and energy of Joe Biden, who had passion and emotion in his remarks. Trump sounds tired and defeated. The energy that the president had in 2016 appears to be long gone and has been replaced by an apathetic liar who keeps promising America that prosperity and a vaccine are just around the corner.

Appearances like this one only serve to fuel the speculation about Donald Trump’s health. Either Trump has a health issue, or he knows that he is losing, and nothing that he is trying is working to turn this election around.

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