Trump Says Mitt Romney “Couldn’t Be Elected Dog Catcher” in Utah Despite His 56% Approval Rating

Donald Trump mocked Mitt Romney on Thursday, claiming the Utah senator would struggle to win an election in the state. This is despite Romney’s huge popularity there.

The President made the comments, apparently unprompted, during an appearance in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. He’s often taken aim at the Republican senator after he voted in favor of impeachment.

Utah, the home of our worst senator.. that’s Mitt Romney,” Trump said.

Romney couldn’t be elected dog catcher right now in Utah.”

Trump brought up Romney’s vote on impeachment. He was the only Republican to vote in favor, siding with Democrats on one of the two articles, earning the President’s ire.

When they do that, that’s personal….196 to think, they stuck with us and so did the Senate, besides Romney, you can have Romney… he gave me a half a vote,” Trump said.

That was Romney, what a beaut.”

He went on to mock Romney for attending a Black Lives Matter march.  The senator was marching with 1,000 Christians to the White House. Trump also criticized him at the time.

Remember when he was walking with the Black Lives Matter saying ‘I’m a member of Black Lives Matter’… he had a lot of mask on, I’ll tell you that,” Trump said on Thursday.

Romney won his senate seat in Utah easily and remains very popular in the state. He’s also more popular there than Trump. The senator enjoyed a 56% approval rating in June.

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