Opinion: Trump feigns regret for one American death to incite his supporters to action  

No conscious human being was surprised that this past week a former Department of Homeland Security (DHS) official revealed that dirty Don Trump is responsible for pouring “fuel on the fire of domestic extremism.” Tearing America apart through overt divisiveness is Trump’s only means of achieving his goal of officially becoming dictator.

It is fair to state that part and parcel of Trump’s electoral success in 2016, and almost certainly in 2020, is his adeptness at enraging xenophobes, the religious right, and anti-government actors to action. Of course since Trump is a con man and fear monger, it makes sense that he resorts to Adolf Hitler’s tried-and-true method of fear-mongering to incite his acolytes to action against other Americans; especially any American who embraces equality and justice for other Americans.

Trump has avoided ever expressing any sense of condolence for the African American victims of police violence or the victims of Trump’s “very fine people” who embrace his sentiment towards Americans who protest the social injustice he and his disciples claim are making America great.  However, he wasted precious little time expressing his remembrance for a white victim of gun violence because he wore a hat representing the pro-Trump Prayer Patriot group. Trump tweeted: “Rest in peace Jay.”

What is no great revelation to anyone is that Trump has not expressed the same sentiment towards any African American victim of police violence. In fact, the racist in the Oval Office has offered precious little, if any, condolences for the innocent victims of the Trump plague ravaging America; because it will not serve to incite his acolytes to rage against Democrats specifically, and decent Americans sickened by Trump generally.

The truth is that Trump always offers unmitigated support for law enforcement officials who are involved in abuses towards innocent African Americans, as well as innocent Americans exercising their constitutional “right to peaceably assemble and petition the government for a redress of grievances;” what Trump and his Republican bootlickers refer to as un-American rioters.

There are a couple of reasons police violence targeting African Americans, and to a lesser extent peaceable protestors, continues unabated; one in particular is because of Trump’s unwavering support of harsh police state tactics.

When a Trump supporter used his vehicle to kill Heather Heyer in Charlottesville Virginia, instead of saying “rest in peace Heather,” Trump praised his supporters as “fine people.” It would not have hurt the dirty crook to express sadness, even if it was fake, to alleviate the peaceable protestors’ outrage. But Trump knew that calling “his” racist disciples “fine people” would embolden them to further action. Conversely, he was aware that he would lose the white supremacists’ support if he condemned the aspiring Nazis.

It was a similar situation when two white man-hunters stalked and killed Ahmaud Arbery because he was jogging while Black. Because one of the murderers was allegedly former law enforcement, the local police failed to hold the hunters accountable to the law. Their refusal to take action prompted an outside entity to investigate the homicide while Trump said that he trusted the local police; obviously he did not say “rest in piece Ahmaud” because his first reaction is protecting the police.

It is noteworthy that Trump attempted to cover for the young thug who travelled 20-plus miles armed with an assault rifle and shot and killed two human beings. Instead of saying Rest In Peace for the victims, Trump claimed the poor murderer was really trying to run away. He also failed to express any remorse that police shot an unarmed African American man in the back, seven times.

The message to Americans is that Donald Trump is sad when one of his supporters loses their life to violence, but he could not possibly care less that unarmed African Americans are being shot by police leading to nationwide outrage and protests. It is almost certain that Trump enjoys the protests immensely because it gives him a reason to impress his acolytes by threatening more law enforcement violence against Americans exercising their First Amendment rights.

It is obvious the only reason Trump acknowledged his supporter’s untimely death was to incite more animus among his extremist followers. No doubt Trump has no regard for the Prayer Patriot who lost his life, but like his remarks during and after the domestic terrorism in Charlottesville Virginia, Trump knows his fascist supporters will embrace his comments as high praise; and permission to continue tearing America apart.