Trump Attacks Deceased John McCain Over Bombshell Atlantic Story

Donald Trump melted down on Twitter Saturday morning over reporting from the Atlantic, which a growing number of news outlets – including Fox News – have confirmed, that he called U.S. troops “suckers” and “losers” for getting wounded or killed in battle.

In a pair of tweets, the president unloaded lies about how he’s rebuilt the military after the Obama-Biden administration left it a “depleted mess” and attacked a “slimeball reporter” and “disgruntled people” for making up “such a horrible charge.”

He also used the opportunity to engage in one of his favorite hobbies: attacking late Sen. John McCain, who spent five years in Vietnam as a prisoner of war.

“This reminds me of the Dirty Dossier, which was pushed hard by John McCain, & then with a thud turned out to be a total fraud,” Trump whined.

Just a pro trip: It’s probably not the greatest idea to attack John McCain – again – when you’re trying to push back on a story that busts you for trashing fallen and wounded service members.

Nowhere in Trump’s meltdown does he show a hint of respect for American troops

Like usual, Donald Trump chose only to talk about himself during his Saturday morning implosion – how great he is, how much work he has done, how he should be thanked for the fantasy accomplishments he listed.

Nowhere in his meltdown does he even show a hint of respect for American troops and the enormous sacrifice they and their families make to protect this country.

That’s because, as Trump has repeatedly demonstrated both publicly and privately, he has no respect for the military. To him, they’re just a bunch of suckers who chose to serve their country for nothing in return.

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