Biden Crushes Trump On “Law And Order” In New Poll

Trump thought law and order was going to be his issue, but a new poll finds Americans supporting Biden on every aspect.

Data from the new CBS News/You Gov Battleground Tracker poll.

Voters were asked who makes you feel more safe:

Voters were asked about the best way to handle the protests:

Biden is viewed as the candidate who is trying to calm the situation:

Biden leads by ten points overall:

Trump’s law and order scare tactics are not moving voters. Trump tried to pivot away from the pandemic and the recession and is losing on what he thought would be his issue. Trump’s racially divisive fear-based message is failing.

The President has nothing to use against Joe Biden. There are no “Biden emails” or a comparable issue that he used against Hillary Clinton to take attention away from his own scandals.

Trump can’t escape the harsh spotlight of the presidency, and when he tries to divert attention, he still loses ground to Joe Biden.

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