Trump Has A Paranoid Breakdown And Accuses Democrats Of Running A Disinformation Campaign Against Him

Trump is letting his paranoia flag fly as he is accusing Democrats of running a misinformation campaign against him.

Trump tweeted:

There is no Democratic misinformation campaign. Trump’s own comments about the troops have been reported, investigated, and confirmed by numerous outlets, including Fox News.

Trump is sinking faster that one of the boats at the Texas Trump boat parade, and he is trying to spin conspiracies to keep his base with him. Donald Trump has never had the majority of Americans with him and comments calling the troops suckers and losers are so damaging that he has been reduced to trying to explain them away with paranoid tales of Democratic misinformation campaigns.

Donald Trump has been disrespecting the troops for decades. He doesn’t understand or appreciate their service and sacrifice because Trump has never done either in his entire life. Donald Trump wouldn’t even give up control of his business when he took office.

Trump and his entire family are paranoid, and he is trying to play into the right’s paranoia toward the media to make them dismiss his disparagement of the troops.

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