Trump bashes John McCain when asked about insulting the troops

Trump Melts Down And Bashes John McCain When Asked About Insulting Troops

While trying to defend himself from multiple reports that he insulted the troops, Trump couldn’t help himself and bashed John McCain.

This was the opening of Trump’s answer to the claim that he called the troops losers:

On the opposite side of John McCain. John McCain liked wars. When we fight a war we will win them and frankly I was never a fan of John McCain. You know that. It’s been very obvious. But I had to approve his entire funeral. He deserved a first class — it was approved by me. A lot of things.

I was not a fan of John McCain because he wanted the endless wars and I didn’t. I thought that the way that the vets were taken care of was not good, not appropriate. Of course, he took the fake dirty dossier and gave it to the FBI.

I lived with him, he lived with me. I think my philosophy was right. But I wasn’t a fan.


The allegations in The Atlantic article that Trump called the troops losers and suckers have been verified by multiple outlets, including Fox News.

Trump was accused of disrespecting the troops, so he responded by attacking an American hero who spent years being tortured by the enemy during the Vietnam War, which is not the way to prove his love for the troops, or disprove the quotes that have been attributed to him.

The “press conference” was nothing more than a campaign rally. Trump is losing and needed attention so he held a bogus news conference, but in the process, he dug his hole even deeper as he was unable to hide his hatred for John McCain.

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