Trump Claims Toll Booths Are Funding His Border Wall At Bonkers North Carolina Rally

Donald Trump held a largely mask-free, packed campaign event in North Carolina on Tuesday night, and it served as yet another disturbing window into the broken mind of a failed president.

In one head-scratching moment, Trump pledged to appoint “very pro-crime judges,” which – as Rep. Eric Swalwell pointed out – makes sense given the fact that the president already has a “pro-crime” attorney general.

“We’re going to be appointing very pro-crime judges, but [Democrats] want to destroy your suburbs, you know that,” Trump said, lying.

Trump also repeatedly and intentionally mispronounced the name of Kamala Harris, the Democratic nominee for vice president. His subservient crowd of supporters booed right on cue.

Reviving one of his favorite campaign-season lies, Trump said Mexico is paying for his non-existent new border wall, but this time he said the funds are coming from toll booths on the southern border.

And, of course, in moments that are becoming all too common for the increasingly unstable president, Trump forgot the name of Space Force and struggled to pronounce the word “troops,” which makes sense given how little respect he has for the men and women who serve this country.

‘It’s a festival of stupidity’

Donald Trump’s performance in North Carolina would have been alarming if it wasn’t such a common occurrence.

Trump rallies, after all, often paint the most accurate picture of who Trump really is: a racist, low-intellect man who sounds more like a guy sitting alone at a local pub on a weeknight than he does a president of the United States.

What happened in North Carolina on Tuesday night was, as Aaron Rupar of Vox said, “a festival of stupidity.”

With less than 60 days to go until Election Day, these events are only going to become more unhinged.

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