Another Woodward Revelation: No One Likes Jared Kushner

Donald Trump looks at Jared Kushner and sees a kindred spirit. That is one of the few explanations as to why the President trusts his son-in-law more than he trusts his sons Don Jr. and Eric.

The President, however, may be the only person who sees Kushner in that late. Bob Woodward revealed a number of things about the Trump White House today. One note that went underlooked was that nobody likes Ivanka’s husband.

The New York Times Robert Costa and Philip Rucker write, “Kushner was a frequent target of ire among Trump’s Cabinet members, who saw him as untrustworthy and weak in dealing with heads of states. Tillerson found Kushner’s warm dealings with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ‘nauseating to watch. It was stomach churning,’ according to Woodward.”

Of course, appealing to Israel and Palestine to make peace was just one of a number of jobs assigned to Kushner.

The son-in-law also pushed for criminal justice reform. He told his father in law that this could help him develop stronger relationships with black voters.

Kushner was also tasked with creating a COVID-19 testing program. According to sources he mostly did research on Facebook and asked friends who had parents as Doctors. Coronavirus testing has been an unmitigated disaster in the US.

Still, when talking to Woodward, Kushner seemed largely oblivious to his reputation. He told the author, “The most dangerous people around the president are overconfident idiots.”