Evangelist Claims Trump Was Sent by God to “Rescue” Americans from Democrats

Evangelist Mario Murillo, a noted supporter of President Donald Trump, likened Trump to Jesus Christ and suggested he’d been sent by God to “rescue” Americans from Congressional Democrats.

“You need to wake up,” Murillo said during an interview on Sid Roth’s “It’s Supernatural” YouTube channel. “The Democratic Party is asking you to leave, forcefully. They took the flag out of their convention. They took God out of the pledge. They’ve made it eminently clear that they are the party of not Christianity, but of perversion, of late term abortion, which is nothing but the most barbaric form of human sacrifice in the modern era. There is no question that all of you watching are faced with the ultimate choice: Do I vote for evil, or do I accept God’s rescue?”

“When Jesus came toward Jerusalem,” he continued, “the masses are hailing him as the Messiah. They’re putting the palm leaves down. And as he gets closer, the adulation is having no effect on him because he begins to cry, and he says ‘Jerusalem, Jerusalem, how often I would have gathered you in, but you would not.’ They were literally ignoring their own rescue from God. They didn’t realize when God had come to save them.”

Murillo conceded that though Trump is a “wrecking ball, [but] he’s in God’s hands.”

By voting for Trump, you are stopping a flood of evil in our nation,” he said. “It is absolutely undeniable. And whenever I meet what is quote, unquote a woke Christian—’Oh, I don’t like Trump, I don’t believe he’s Christian.’  I look at it, what is your alternative? What you need to ask yourself is what Dietrich Bonhoeffer asked Germany: ‘What are you doing to stop Hitler?’ And what are you doing to stop the socialist destruction of the United States?”

Last week, Murillo made headlines for criticizing Christians who don’t support Trump and declaring that Democrats “hate Christianity.”

“What we’ve got in the Democrat Party is atheism, late term abortion, destruction of marriage, socialism,” Murillo said at the time. “Do you really believe this is about Trump, folks? … Do you really believe they hate Trump? No, they don’t. They hate you. They hate Christianity, and the only reason that they are targeting Trump is because he’s in the way. They can’t get to us because of Trump.”