WATCH: Claire McCaskill Explains Why Trump is too Stupid to be President

There’s is a pretty good reason why Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein are famous. The Washington Post duo were responsible for exposing Richard Nixon’s Watergate scheme and bringing down a presidency.

For some reason, though, the Trump campaign thought it was a good idea for the President to speak with Woodward on 18 different occasions. It’s actually now being reported that the idea came from Jared Kushner. So it’s no surprise that the interviews ended up being a disaster for Trump.

Regardless, during those interviews, Trump revealed that he had downplayed the seriousness of COVID-19. Woodward caught that admission on tape and released the recording today.

During an segment on Nicolle Wallace‘s MSNBC show, Claire McCaskill explained just how stupid the idea was.

The former Missouri senator began, “Let’s dwell on this for just a second. He’s obviously never read a Woodward book. He doesn’t understand what Woodward books are. ”

McCaskill continued by calling out the lunacy of sitting for 18 different interviews with a journalist during an election season. Any joura

The former lawmaker then began to drop the hammer on Trump:

“The book is coming out within two months of his election! With tapes! 18 hours of tapes. So this President is the stupidest President that has ever held the office. Forget about a minute, for all of his followers. Forget about the integrity issue. Forget about the character. This guy’s too dumb to lead this country because this was really, really stupid.”

Watch a clip of McCaskill’s appearance below, courtesy of MSNBC: