Critics Have Made My Life “Hell,” Says QAnon Trump-Supporting Conspiracy Theorist

Liz Crokin, a noted Trump supporter and subscriber to the QAnon conspiracy theory, said critics have made her life “hell” in a video posted to YouTube. Crokin’s Shopify store was taken down for violating the terms of service; she used her store to sell QAnon merchandise. Those who subscribe to the QAnon conspiracy theory believe a cabal of Satan-worshipping pedophiles who run a global child sex-trafficking ring are plotting to undermine President Donald Trump and oust him from office.

“They have done everything in their power to destroy my life,” Crokin said in her video. “Financially, legal situations, health issues, home security issues, my social life. They’ve slandered me, as you all know, in the media for four years and dozens, if not hundreds, of hit pieces trying to destroy absolutely every area of my life.”

She added: “They have compromised people in my life that were paid to work for me, protect me,” she continued. “They’ve used lawfare, they’ve used rogue law enforcement against me. It’s been unbelievable. … I think it’s important for people to understand what someone like me goes through for speaking the truth. My life has been hell. It has been miserable actually for the past four years, and I do it because it’s the right thing to do. I care about this movement. I care about the kids, and I just feel very passionate about this movement and children. And as bad as my life has gotten, I just can’t not fight for these kids.”

Crokin goes on to say that her enemies aren’t just trying to “silence” her, they are in effect “silencing the voices for the children. I am a voice for these victims, and when they attack me, they’re actually attacking these children.”

President Donald Trump generated controversy last month after he praised subscribers of the QAnon conspiracy theory, saying they “love our country.” The president earlier congratulated Marjorie Taylor Greene for winning the open House seat in Georgia’s predominantly Republican 14th District; Greene has also supported the QAnon conspiracy theory, saying, “Q is a patriot. He is someone that very much loves his country and is on the same page as us, and he is very pro-Trump.”