Meghan McCain: To Conservatives, the Media is the Enemy and Here to Make you Look Bad

Meghan McCain’s role on The View is not exactly a simple one. She is tasked with giving a Conservative take while surrounded by largely Liberal hosts and the audience tends to skew Democratic as well.

That being said, the daughter of former Arizona Senator John McCain is often all over the place. That was true today when she accused the media of being out to make Conservatives look bad.

Just one day after saying that she believed The Atlantic report that Trump slammed the military, she was back to defending the President during Thursday’s broadcast.

When the discussion turned towards Woodward’s taped interviews with Trump, McCain said, “But going to the initial point of this Bob Woodward interview, I cannot tell you the levels of insanity and stupidity you have to be in politics to give 18 hours to any journalist period. “

The Conservative pundit continued, “If Bob Woodward said, what did you have for breakfast? I would say, off the record, Bob, no comment. I would say, what does he want, and what kind of angle does he have? This is almost famous all the time. They are the enemy and they are here to make you look bad, and the idea they are –”

McCain was then cut off by Joy Behar who said, “They’re not the enemy.” McCain responded, “What do you think is going to happen? For a Republican the media is.”