Reporter Gets Thrown Out Of Trump Rally After Taking Photos Of Maskless MAGA Crowd


Donald Trump’s presidential campaign had a reporter thrown out of his superspreader Michigan rally on Thursday night because she snapped photos of his largely maskless crowd of supporters.

New York Times correspondent Kathy Gray tweeted, “I’ve just been kicked out of the Trump rally.”

In a second tweet, she explained that the president’s campaign tracked her down and escorted her out of the event because of pictures she tweeted. Gray said it was the first time she’s ever been removed from a political rally.


Before she was removed the event, Gray tweeted out several photos of the crowd, nothing that there were “not many masks” in the “crammed” group of people at the event.

“Trump rally in freeland attracts thousands,” she tweeted. “Maybe 10% have masks.”

Instead of waging war on the free press, stop holding these dangerous rallies

While the Trump campaign sees reporters as the enemy, the real threat is a deadly virus that still continues to kill hundreds of Americans everyday. It’s a virus that Trump continues to downplay eight months after the first case hit U.S. shores.

Instead of having journalists thrown out for reporting on a campaign rally that poses a threat to public health, perhaps it’s a better idea for the Trump campaign not to hold the events at all.

Not only would that save them the trouble of having to forcefully remove reporters from their rallies, but it would save lives.

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