Rudy Giuliani Loses It On Live TV After He’s Grilled For Interfering In The Election


Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani lost it during an MSNBC interview on Saturday after Jonathan Capehart blasted him for interfering in the upcoming presidential election.

To Giuliani’s face, Capehart expressed disbelief that a former SDNY prosecutor and two-term mayor of New York City is the same man who is now “running around the world” peddling conspiracy theories to help Donald Trump win the presidential election.

“What happened to you, Mayor Giuliani?” the MSNBC host asked, which sent Giuliani back down into a rabbit hole of crackpot conspiracy theories.



A portion of the heated exchange:

CAPEHART: The idea that a former federal prosecutor of SDNY, former two-term mayor of New York City, a person who has a national security firm, how — I’m trying to understand how someone of your stature and career, what happened to you, Mayor Giuliani? Why are you out here spinning conspiracy theories and lies and interfering with an American election? What happened to you?

GIULIANI: I’m not interfering with an American election. Indicting Steve Bannon is interfering with an American election, but that’s okay. But putting out a report that —

CAPEHART: You’re running around the world trying to find evidence – and you’re not finding any that can’t be debunked by fact checkers all over the country – trying to undermine the Democratic presidential nominee.

GIULIANI: I am not! I was defending my client, Donald J. Trump, against false charges that have been proven to be false and that your network refuses to publish. You won’t publish that 12 cell phones were wiped by prosecutors. prosecutors don’t wipe cell phones, Jonathan, by accident. Not 12 of them. What the Mueller people were doing is obstructing justice, as we said. They were Democratic operatives posing as prosecutors.

CAPEHART: I’m not covering conspiracy theories, I’m not covering lies.

Rudy Giuliani is a global laughingstock

For whatever reason, Donald Trump sees Rudy Giuliani as an asset to his presidency and reelection campaign.

But as Giuliani’s interview on Saturday demonstrated, the former NYC mayor is no different than the crazy uncle at Thanksgiving that everybody tries to avoid.

Whenever given a platform, Giuliani spews nonsensical conspiracy theories and only reminds people just how far he’s fallen in service to the most dangerous president in American history.

Rudy Giuliani has sold whatever was left of his soul to Donald Trump. Now he’s nothing but a global laughingstock.

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