Trump Appears To Be Trying To Kill His Supporters With Indoor Nevada Rally

The Trump campaign is screaming about the First Amendment as they violate all pandemic safety guidelines with an indoor Nevada rally.

Rob Reiner tweeted that Trump should be charged with premeditated murder if any of the attendees get COVID-19 at the rally and die:

Here was the Trump campaign’s reaction to their planned indoor Nevada rally:

There is no good reason for Trump to be holding indoor rallies outside of the fact that his ego needs a big crowd, and he is trying to pretend like the pandemic is gone. Just as in every other swing state, Trump is losing in Nevada, but the state is one of the few Blue targets that the Trump campaign thinks that they might be able to flip.

The last time Trump held an indoor rally, Herman Cain attended, potentially contracted the virus at the event, and died.

Mary Trump was correct when she said on MSNBC that Donald Trump doesn’t care if his supporters get the virus and die:

Donald Trump appears to be intentionally trying to kill his own supporters because it is more important to him that he looks good on cable news than keep his supporters safe.

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