Trump Blows A Gasket After Mike Bloomberg Spends $100 Million To Help Biden In Florida

Trump blew up on Twitter after Mike Bloomberg announced that he would be spending $100 million to help Biden win Florida.

Trump responded to Bloomberg spending in Florida, what could equal one-third of Trump’s campaign cash in Florida by tweeting:

One hundred million dollars is a massive amount of cash for Bloomberg to spend in Florida to help Joe Biden carry the state. The Trump campaign blew threw $800 million and reportedly facing a cash crunch.

A Biden Florida win would be a fatal blow to Trump’s campaign. If Florida went blue, Biden would only need to hold the states Hillary Clinton carried and win one of five swing states that Trump carried. Biden could be elected president by winning any one of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina, or Arizona. Since Michigan looks gone for Trump already, a Florida win would likely make Biden president.

Mike Bloomberg is doing his part to help Joe Biden by making Republicans spend even more of their limited resources to keep Florida in Trump’s column.

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