The Biden Campaign to Start Aggressively Courting Black Male Voters


The Democratic party has been accused, at times, of taking the Black and Hispanic vote for granted. Those two groups often vote for Democrats in big numbers. Some polls, however, show that Donald Trump is doing better with both groups than he did in 2016.

Black women voters have come out very strongly for Biden. Without them, it would have been very difficult for the former Vice President to defeat Bernie Sanders during the nomination process.

Black male voters, though, have been a tougher get for the Biden campaign. While Biden is popular with African-American voters, he had a serious gaffe earlier this year. The former Vice-President said that if you don’t vote for him, “you ain’t black.” That statement required a significant amount of damage control by the campaign.


During a Monday press call, members of the Democratic campaign said that they will be aggressively courting them this election season.

Cedric Richmond, an African-American congressman from Louisiana is serving as the campaign’s co-chair. He told reporters, “Nobody is saying that we think that we’re going to get all of the Black vote because we’re the Democratic [ticket].”

Richmond continued:

“Black men are concerned about their children, they’re concerned about their economic status, they’re concerned about the next generation in terms of education, in terms of their interaction with police.”

Symone Sanders, an adviser to the campaign, explained that Black men had, “become more disillusioned and disaffected with the Democratic Party over the last couple of cycles.”

The Biden campaign is now flush with cash after a record breaking fund-raising during the DNC and an influx of cash from Mike Bloomberg.