Trump Claims Biden’s “Handlers” and “Fake News Media” Are Doing “Everything Possible” to Get Him to Election Day


President Donald Trump claimed Democrat Joe Biden’s “handlers and the Fake News Media are doing everything possible to get him through the Election” in another jab at Biden’s mental fitness. The president further claimed that Biden would resign, leaving his running mate Kamala Harris the opportunity to take the helm.

“Then he will resign, or whatever, and we are stuck with a super liberal wack job that NOBODY wanted!” the president wrote.

The president’s latest attack came as right-wing media published stories claiming that Biden appeared to be reading from a teleprompter during an interview with James Corden.


Trump has often accused Biden of being in mental decline, often referring to him as “Sleepy Joe” in tweets. Recent news reports revealed the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) withheld intelligence warning of Russian disinformation attacks against Biden to promote “allegations about the poor mental health.” ABC News broke the story, which came to light after its reporters obtained internal emails and a draft of the document.

Polling suggests Biden is leading in key swing states despite Trump’s tweets.