Trump Mail In Voting Attack Backfires And Massively Helps Democrats In Florida


Trump’s months-long attacks on mail-in voting have led to 700,000 more Democrats than Republican requesting mail-in ballots in Florida.

Via The New York Times:

Like many seniors, she is planning to cast her ballot by mail.


For years, that’s what Florida Republicans did — and it helped cement their political dominance in a state where they have controlled the governor’s office and the Legislature for 21 years.

Mr. Trump’s relentless attacks on mail-in ballots have undercut that advantage, and Democrats have requested over 700,000 more ballots than Republicans.

“This could be a game changer,” Mr. Bush, a former governor, wrote in an email.

Republicans have spent decades building in a mail-in voting advantage in Florida. Election nights have long been a matter of if Democrats could get enough same-day and early vote to wipe out the mail-in voting advantage that Republicans run-up.

If Democrats outnumber Republicans in mail-in voting in Florida, Trump will lose the state, but more importantly, it will have down-ballot impacts in the state. Democrats could win local and statewide races that they would not have normally had a chance in.

Jeb Bush was right. If Trump’s attack on mail-in voting holds, it will be a gamechanger. With Mike Bloomberg spending $100 million to help Biden in the state, Trump could be setting up a perfect storm that will cost him the White House in 50 days.

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