Mitch McConnell Is Terrified That Democrats Will Take Back The Senate

While speaking to reporters, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell couldn’t hide his fear that Democrats will take back the Senate.

Sahil Kapur of NBC News tweeted:

In case you are wondering why Mitch McConnell is trying to scare Republicans about DC statehood, the answer is that the city is overwhelmingly Democratic which would mean two more Democratic Senators in the Senate.

McConnell was clearly trying to scare the pants off of Republican voters with his Democratic Senate takeover scenario.

After the constant violations of rules and Senate norms under McConnell, if Democrats take back control, the filibuster will be history. McConnell will lose his ability to block legislation from the minority, and sweeping changes will be coming to the country with a Democratic Congress and president.

Mitch McConnell is breaking out the scare tactics, because even he seems to know that Trump and the GOP Senate majority might be toast in 49 days.

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