Biden Looks Forward to Debating Trump: “He’s a Fool”

Joe Biden has dismissed Donald Trump’s claim that he took performance enhancing drugs during the Democratic presidential debates and has welcomed the chance to go head-to-head with the President.

The former Vice President spoke at a round table discussion with veterans in Florida on Tuesday and slammed Trump’s repeated attacks, saying he was looking forward to the debates.

Trump told Fox News on Tuesday that he believes Biden is taking drugs to improve his public performance. ‘

He’s a fool,” Biden told NBC affiliate WFLA.

I’m looking forward to the debate.”

Biden has made some similar statements following Trump’s comments criticizing him but he’s refrained from any stronger language so far. The President has not held back, however.

“The comments are just foolish. Get ready, Mr. President. Here I come,” he said.

Trump was asked whether he thought Biden was taking drugs. He responded: “I do. He’s taking something. He’s taking something” to “gives him some clarity.”

I think he should take a drug test,” Trump said. “I would take one, too.”

The first presidential debate is scheduled for 29 September, though Trump has made many public statements expressing a desire to change the debates or complaining about them.

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