Nancy Pelosi: Trump Is “Crushing the Affordable Care Act” Instead of Coronavirus

Nancy Pelosi has accused Donald Trump of undermining the Affordable Care Act instead of tackling the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. She also stressed the need for a stimulus plan.

The Speaker of the House spoke to MSNBC on Wednesday about COVID-19 as reports suggest her Democratic majority is divided over plans to pass  a Coronavirus relief bill.

We’re supposed to be crushing the virus right now,” Pelosi said.

“Instead the president is crushing the Affordable Care Act.”


This is very dangerous to not only the health of the American people, but the financial security of America’s families.”

Pelosi also addressed the ongoing attempt to pass a stimulus package. There is presently an impasse on the issue in Congress amid negotiations between Democrats and Republicans.

We could put a bill on the floor, but we want to put a bill on the floor that will become law,” Pelosi said.

We have a number of schools of thought: those who want us to put $3.4 trillion on the floor, then come down in negotiation from there. Those who say just put something on the floor.”

But what we want is to put something on the floor that will become law. And so that requires negotiation.”

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