Trump Comes Unglued At Press Conference And Babbles About Football, As He Lies About Vaccine

Trump came unhinged as he falsely claimed that Democrats are anti-COVID-19 vaccine, then started babbling about football.

Trump said:

I will say, this is a phenomenon that only happened when they realized we may very well have the vaccine prior to a certain very important date namely November 3rd. Once they heard that the Democrats started just to show you how bad the intention is they started knocking the vaccine. Had nothing to do with the vaccine. Twa is totally made up. It’s all disinformation. Just like they put an ad in about football. Just like they put with respect to me. I’m the one that got football back. I was always against them going out. It was ridiculous that Big Ten and now hopefully PAC 10 goes back and I say that just like even worse they put out a totally fake ad, totally made up stories, made up story by a third rate magazine where the head guy I guess the head person, I have no idea who he is. I don’t know him but he is friends with Obama and Clinton.

So they made up this horrible story and then they did ads. Well, they made up this story, too. This story is very simple. They started knocking the vaccine as soon as they heard this actually may come out prior to election. Now it may or may not but it’ll be within a matter of weeks. It’ll be within a matter of weeks from November. It is ready to go and ready for massive distribution to everybody with the focus again on seniors — and I will say, also, the historically black colleges and universities, we are doing, at my suggestion because they have had a difficult problem there, we are doing more testing there and finer testing. We have our great apparatus there.


Trump is not the reason why Big Ten football is coming back. According to the conference, the improvements and availability of rapid testing are why they are going to try to play.

Democrats are not anti-vaccine. They are skeptical of any vaccine that rushed out to meet Trump’s election day deadline. Democrats want a safe and fully tested vaccine, not the equivalent of a Trump steak or a course from Trump University.

The vaccine isn’t coming within weeks of November. According to the testimony of CDC Director Redfield, the vaccine will not be widely available, so that Americans can return to normal life until the third or fourth quarter of 2021.

Trump’s performance was that of a desperate president who knows that he is on the fast track to being voted out of office in less than 50 days.

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