Jaime Harrison Raises Over $1 Million in 24 Hours in Race Against Lindsey Graham

Jaime Harrison has raised more than $1 million over the past 24 hours in his bid to unseat Lindsey Graham. The Democrat’s fundraising will add to fears that Graham can be defeated.

Harrison announced the number on Twitter on Thursday. He was once seen as a long-shot to beat the Republican senator but his fundraising and poll numbers show he’s competitive.

Y’all, I am speechless. We have raised over $1 MILLION in the last 24 hours,” Harrison wrote.

This campaign is powered by you. It is funded by you. It is inspired by you. Together, we are going to make history in 47 days. We are going to beat Lindsey Graham.”

Lindsey will be running scared from here on out,” Harrison said, adding a further appeal for donations.

Harrison later tweeted an appeal to voters to look beyond partisan politics as he pushed to beat Graham, who has been an outspoken supporter of President Donald Trump.

We are not a red state, we are not a blue state, we are the Palmetto State,” Harrison said.

“Lindsey Graham has forgotten that. That’s why we are going to beat him.”

The most recent polls show Harrison and Graham tied in South Carolina despite the fact Trump is leading former Vice President Joe Biden by a comfortable margin.

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