Federal Judge Blocks Trump’s Sabotage Of The US Mail

A federal judge has sided with 14 states and blocked Trump’s intentional efforts to slow down the delivery of the mail.

Politico reported:

Judge Stanley Bastian in Yakima, Washington, said he was issuing a nationwide preliminary injunction sought by 14 states that sued the Trump administration and the U.S. Postal Service.

The states challenged the Postal Service’s so-called “leave behind” policy, where trucks have been leaving postal facilities on time regardless of whether there is more mail to load. They also sought to force the Postal Service to treat election mail as First Class mail.


“The states have demonstrated the defendants are involved in a politically motivated attack on the efficiency of the Postal Service,” Bastian said.

He also said the changes created “a substantial possibility many voters will be disenfranchised.”

For those in the Trump administration, the Republican Party, and conservative media who claimed that the USPS sabotage was not happening, a federal judge has arrived at a different conclusion. Trump and his Postmaster General have been so open about their desire to disenfranchise voters by slowing down the mail that it was obvious that DeJoy’s activities had nothing to do with “reforms” and were all about trying to help Trump win in November.

If Trump and DeJoy are successful, they could carry out the largest modern disenfranchisement of voters in a half a century. Mail trucks running at full capacity, and election mail being treated as first class mail would mean that Trump is likely to lose.

The Trump administration will likely appeal, but the mail slowdown has been confirmed, which is all the more reason that voters need to plan their vote.

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