Former GOP Congressman Joe Scarborough: Trump Is “The Greatest Threat to American Conservatism and the Church”


A former Republican congressman turned TV host has criticized those supporting Donald Trump because of their conservative beliefs by dragging the President’s own credentials.

Joe Scarborough was a Florida congressman from 1995 to 2001, entering the House as part of Newt Gingrich’s majority during the presidency of Bill Clinton. He now co-hosts a morning show on MSNBC and has become a harsh critic of Trump.

Scarborough took to Twitter on Friday to address the phenomenon of conservatives writing op-eds with the spurious claim that the left is making them choose Trump.


“Some of the most entertaining reading this fall comes from formerly conservative friends justifying Trump,” he wrote.

“Their ‘You’re-Making-Me-Vote-For-Trump‘ essays form a hilarious genre of work justifying the re-election of the greatest threat to American conservatism and the church.”

Scarborough is one of many former Republicans who’ve come out hard against Trump while maintaining their conservative views. He followed up his attack on what he sees as disingenuous essays with criticism of the left.

I share many of their concerns: the insanity let loose on college campuses, police officers put back on their heels by woke mayors and weak governors, the reframing of American history that overcorrects all too often, and much more,” he said.

“But Trump is not the answer; He’s an arsonist.”

A recent Washington Post op-ed by the American Enterprise Institute’s Danielle Pletka set off a storm of mockery and criticism and was likely a jumping off point for Scarborough.