Trump’s Mail Slow Down Scheme Is Failing As Michigan Judge Rules Ballots Must Be Counted

Trump’s effort to suppress the mail-in vote suffered a new defeat as a judge ruled that Michigan must count ballots postmarked by election eve.

The AP reported:

A judge on Friday cleared the way for more absentee ballots to be counted in Michigan, saying envelopes postmarked by the eve of the Nov. 3 election are eligible, even if they show up days later.

The decision is significant in a state that is anticipating waves of absentee ballots this fall; about 2.3 million have already been requested. For absentee ballots to be counted, Michigan law requires them to be received by the time polls close on Election Day.


An absentee ballot can be counted if postmarked by Nov. 2 and received within 14 days after the election, said Stephens, who noted that it can take two weeks to certify Michigan election results anyway.

The Michigan ruling comes on the heels of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court extending the ballots to be received, rejecting a Trump challenge to ballot drop boxes, and throwing the Green Party off of the ballot.
A federal judge blocked Trump’s efforts to slow down the mail on Thursday, and even if the mail is slowed down, critical swing states like Michigan and Pennsylvania are going to make sure that voters are not disenfranchised.

The Michigan ruling means that there may not be a declared winner on election night, but Trump’s scheme to disenfranchise millions of voters appears to be crumblings.

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