Poll: Biden’s Popularity Soaring in Arizona and Maine

According to the latest New York Times and Sienna College poll numbers, Democrat Joe Biden is significantly ahead of President Donald Trump in the valuable swing state of Arizona: He currently enjoys a nine-point lead in a poll of likely voters (49-40 percent). The margin is even wider in Maine: Biden is 17 points ahead of the president in that state’s polling (55-38).

Biden is also popular among Latino voters in Arizona, with 57 percent of likely Latino voters saying they’ll support him in the upcoming election. Trump’s support among this crucial voting bloc is significantly lower, at 28 percent. Biden also leads Trump among senior citizens––there is an 11 point margin between them.

In Maine, Biden has a six-point lead among male voters. Among women, his lead is even wider: 26 points.

President Trump has seen his numbers tank at the polls in recent weeks as the nation continues to grapple with the coronavirus pandemic. At a town hall last night, Biden took Trump to task for downplaying the pandemic’s severity, a fact revealed in tape recordings released by journalist Bob Woodward.

“The idea that you’re going to not tell people what you’ve been told, that this virus is incredibly contagious, seven times more contagious than the flu, you breathe the air, you get it sucked in your lungs. He knew it and did nothing, it’s close to criminal,” Biden said.