Republican Anti-Trump Group Claims Support from “Current Top U.S. Government Official”

A Republican group opposed to Donald Trump’s reelection has claimed it has the backing of a high level official still working for the U.S. government but hasn’t revealed who that is.

The Republican Political Alliance for Integrity and Reform (REPAIR) released a list of its backers this week, highlighting former officials from the past GOP administrations.

The person who has won the most attention, however, is merely listed as “senior administration official number one” who is a “current top U.S. government official.”

No further information is available about who this might be but former White House communications chief Anthony Scaramucci, who is involved with REPAIR, claims he has the inside track on the matter.

The group also claimed to have support from a second senior administration official who is now a former top person. Their identity is also unknown at this time.

He told CNN last week that someone in the White House would resign in October and publicly speak out against the President, though he gave no indication who that might be.

I’ll make a prediction on the show, there will be people inside the administration that will denounce what is going on and resign prior to election day,” Scaramucci said.

It’s difficult to speculate who this person might be or if Scaramucci’s prediction will prove accurate. Many former officials have left the administration and publicly rebuked Trump.

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