Trump Has A Hysterical Meltdown During Press Conference Over Mail-In Voting

Trump proclaimed that mail-in voting is a scam and that the vote count is going to corrupt and against him during a press conference meltdown.

Trump said:

I know so many people in the postal system and over the years they’re incredible people. And they’re very secure. They’re going to be very secure. You know the problem with the ballots, it is not the post office, the problem with the ballots is the people sending the ballots and the people counting the ballots. And who are they sending them to? Where are they being sent? Are they being sent to the wrong areas or not being sent at all? There will be tremendous corruption if they don’t do something about it.

Now one big hope is that we’re in front of numerous federal judges in Nevada, we’re in front in Pennsylvania, as you know, we’re in front in Michigan, we have numerous court cases out there that are very well advanced and you’ll start seeing decisions just like we won the case on opening up Pennsylvania. That was a great decision by a judge. That came down two days ago. And that was a very important decision.

So, but we have a lot of very important decisions coming down on this scam of unsolicited ballots, where they’re sending out tens of millions of ballots to everybody, people who didn’t expect them, people are getting inundated and showered with ballots. Everybody in this room knows it’s a scam, okay. Everybody in this room. Even John. Don’t say it, John. Because it’s a scam — Sending ballots, they are never going to be able to count them.


Trump apparently doesn’t know that he has lost big vote by mail in Pennsylvania and Michigan over the last two days.

Trump dismissed claims that he is slowing down the mail, then went off on a minutes long rant about mail-in voting. Trump said that it is different when he votes by mail, because the ballot was requested and not sent to him.

Just nine states send ballots automatically to registered voters. Five of them have done this since before COVID-19, and only one of them is potentially a swing state (Nevada).

Donald Trump’s meltdown is trying to delegitimize an election that he is losing, and his paranoid rant about mail-in voting is proving to voters why he must be voted out of office.

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