Trump Gives Up On Beating Biden And Starts Running Against Pelosi


Donald Trump is losing to Joe Biden in every objective poll, so he has moved on to making up lies about Nancy Pelosi.

Trump tweeted:


Trump is a rudderless ship that is spinning in circles. He has no direction. His efforts to define and attack Joe Biden have ranged from laughable to pathetic, so just like he did with the coronavirus when faced with a challenge that he is losing, Donald Trump has decided to change the subject.

Nancy Pelosi is not trying to take $30 billion away from farmers, and it is amazing that a president who has stolen billions of dollars from the military to pay for his wall would project his theft on to the Speaker of the House.

For years Republicans ran against Nancy Pelosi. They tried it in 2018, and Democrats won back the House.

The truth behind Trump’s tweet is that he is still worried about losing his base. If Donald Trump loses to Joe Biden, it will be because he is the first modern era president to try to win reelection without courting a majority of voters.

Trump is trying to win a second term by playing only to his base, and that is why he lied about Nancy Pelosi taking money away from farmers.

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